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I like to consider myself a pretty open person, especially in terms in all things paranormal, supernatural, etc. Recently, I joined some other like minded friends at a skype interview session with Dr. Richard Boylan who claims to specialize in Human Star Kids and Star Seed Adults. As I mentioned, I like to think I’m open to everything, however this discussion did not really resonate with me. This was actually disappointing. I’m not so short sighted to believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the infinite universe, but I’m not fully convinced about the theories I listened to during this interview.

Don’t get me wrong, none of the other people at this interview were talking about little green men and being “probed”. There were discussions about abductions and extraterrestrials genetically modifying our race. Could this all be a possibility? Sure! Do I buy into it? Maybe not so much. There has always been talk about conspiracies with the government hiding information about visitors from outer space. Area 51 is a commonly discussed place of alien oriented trials and experiments, all kept secret from the people of the United States. I’m personally not usually one for discussing conspiracy theories (unless we are talking about the assassination of JFK) but I have always had a curiosity about the things our government does keep secret.. Could the US Gov’t have proof of life outside of Earth? That thought fascinates me, but not enough to consume my time other than some fleeting thoughts.

I know, I know… this actually seems a little hypocritical for someone like me who believes so strongly in life after death, talking to spirits and reiki. These things that I cannot prove exist or work but things that I so deeply believe in. I want to believe these stories i have heard people tell, but I find it difficult because I have not had any type of experience myself. I guess this is how people who don’t believe in ghosts feel.. If they have never had any type of experience with a spirit, then how can they relate to me and my experiences. Food for thought.

All in all, it was an interested discussion, so many people were present and VERY passionate about the subject. I can only commend them for being so passionate and wanting to learn and grow as much as possible. As for me, I’m still waiting for ET to follow my trail of Reese’s Pieces and heal me with his glowing bulbous finger!

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