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Can the Past Heal Your Future?

They always say that we are taught History so that we can learn from the past and not make the same mistakes. The same can be said for learning from our past mistakes. You learn about what kinds of girls/guys you shouldn’t date, or that mixing various types of alcohol on a wild and crazy night means a massive hangover the next day. Those are things we can remember to learn from (or things our friends have told us about that need to be learned from LOL). But have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps there are lessons that we need to learn from our past lives?

I don’t think it’s uncommon for people to attribute strong or irrational fears to things that have happened in our past lives. I know that I have a very real fear or drowning and have always believed that I was a passenger on the Titanic. Some may say that is silly, but I always had an obsession with the Titanic and had very strong and real feelings when I attended the Titanic exhibits.

This concept doesn’t seem foreign to me at all.

Recently I read an article about healing current life issues through healing the akashic records. The author discussed how knowing about patterns in our past lives can lead us to ways to heal ourselves.

To me this is an interesting concept. I’ve always joked about having been a womanizing man in my past life and that’s why I have been so unlucky in love during this life.

Maybe it’s not truly a joke?

Perhaps karma does shift through the akashic records and affects us in following life times. Stay tuned for more discussions on past lives as I delve more into using reiki to help heal our own akashic records.

With Love!


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